List of Accomplishments

To get: Share on facebook by clicking the like button in the game. If you already liked the game unlike it and relike it in game to reset.
To get: Refer a user to the game using your unique referral link. User cannot be on the same IP address as you (Same network connection) and cannot be on the same computer.
To get: Donate through paypal, at least $1.50.
To get: Click Cook or Cash 1,000 times.
Click Master
To get: Click Cook or Cash 10,000 times.
To get: Using the Corrupt Cop stop your current Cash on $1,333,337. If you are making cash too fast to do this you can try buying and selling places at a loss and then using your mouse to click buy the cash and product to get to this amount.
To get: Make a total of a Million Dollars (All time).
To get: Make a total of a Billion Dollars (All time).
To get: Make a total of a Trillion Dollars (All time).
To get: Cook a total of a trillion grams of Product (All time).
One Day
To get: Play for 24hrs.
Goodbye Earth
To get: Own the Moon.
Meth to America
To get: Employ (in dealers) the Population of the US.
Super Clicker
To get: Click the Cash or Cook 10 times in a second or more.
To get: Get a 30 combo from the Super Chemist.
Real Estate
To get: Have owned one of every location at one point.
Easy Money
To get: Make a Million $ a second.
Toilet Paper
To get: Make a Billion $ a second.
Back to the Basics
To get: Make over a million dollars in total and then sell all currently owned places.
Made In China
To get: Employ 1 Million Chinese workers (Notice they come in groups of 500).
Cleanin' up the Streets
To get: Employ 50 crackhead cooks.
Back on the Streets
To get: Sell crackhead cooks.
Return of the King
To get: Load your save game for the first time.
To get: Click the foam for your first time.